The man with tiger blood (1965)

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

1965 -

It’s Charlie Sheen’s birthday today! Everyone knows him, whether it’s from the ‘Scary movie’ series, from the sitcom ‘two and a half men’ or maybe from his reputation as a hard-partying womanizer. Charlie grew up in a family of actors. When he was born, September 3, 1965, his father was just breaking through on Broadway. His three brothers became actors as well. Charlie Sheen’s first movie was his father’s movie ‘The Execution of Private Slovik’, granted he was just a background character.

Party hard!
The man with Tiger blood, is what people call him. Sheen has quite a reputation when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Once he accidentally shot his then fiancé Kelly Preston. Of course he was drunk. He also admitted to spending $50,000 on prostitutes.

Experimental treatment
On 19th of July 2011 Charlie was diagnosed with HIV. After four years Charlie decided to search for a cure. He travelled to Mexico to find doctor Chachoua, who claimed to have the cure for HIV, aids and cancer. After doing some procedures on Charlie, he claimed to have cured him. After returning to the US it turned out to be a complete lie. In fact, his condition had only worsened. Luckily Sheen has now enrolled in a FDA study and is doing better than ever.

360 trivial fact
Sheen’s real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez. He was born as a ‘blue baby’ and was named after the doctor that saved his new born life.


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