007’s first movie mission (1962)

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

1962 -

‘I admire your courage, Miss…’. The first words the world famous commander James Bond, code number 007, ever said on a movie screen. The man, invented by novelist Ian Fleming, would become the world’s most famous secret agent. There had been already a television series, but today is the day, in 1962, that Dr No had had its cinema premiere in London. James Bond, as we know him, was born.

‘Vulgarity and sex’
In this very first movie Bond was portrayed by Sean Connery. Six more men would follow him in this role. Not everyone was cheering though. The Vatican condemned Dr.No because it was ‘a dangerous mixture of violence, vulgarity, sadism and sex. As did the Kremlin, that said Bond was the personification of capitalist evil. It only helped increase public awareness of the film.

Bond was selected as the third-greatest hero in cinema history by the American Film Institute, in 2003. Only overtaken by Indiana Jones and Atticus Finch, who ranked first. Bond movies are not only known for the athletic Secret Service agent that likes to have his Martini’s shaken, not stirred. The movies are also loved for their wonderful cars and gadgets, their credible crooks and off course the beautiful Bond-girls.

360 trivial fact
Almost everyone in the world has quoted James Bond at least once in their lifetime, only using their own name. His famous introduction ‘Bond…James Bond’, was voted as the ‘best-loved one-liner in cinema’, by British cinema goers.



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