First picture of moon and earth (1977)

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Monday, 18 September 2017

1977 -

For lots of people itís still a magical thing. Standing on earth, watching the moon. Some people might even see the man in the moon, or believe there will be werewolves walking around when the moon is full. However, the first picture ever taken with the moon and earth in one frame show no proof of anything paranormal. Voyager 1 captured this image, featuring both Earth and its moon in their entirety, on September 18, 1977. The space probe was Ďonlyí 7.25 million miles away.

Study Jupiter and Saturn
Voyager 1 is a spacecraft launched by NASA on September 5, 1977. Itís supposed to study the outer solar system. For example, the space probe made flybys of Jupiter and Saturn, providing detailed images of their moons and studying the weather. In 2017 Voyager 1 is still communicating to earth, being the farthest man-made object from earth. Itís expected to continue to do so until around 2025 when the generators wonít have enough electricity to bring us pictures or data.


Moon and earth in one frame

Picture source: NASA

360 trivial facts
The picture made by Voyager 1 shows us the moon and the earth together, but says nothing about the mutual influence. Many powers were accredited to the moon. Some remain after research. Like the effect of a full moon on animals. Deer in the wild tend to ovulate at the full moon, hamsters in captivity spin their wheels more. So who knows what influence the moon, full or not, has on humanity.


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