The international force of justice (1923)

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

1923 -

They have been around longer than anyone alive. They were around in the ancient Greek times. And served Louis VIII in 1224. We’re talking about the police. The police have existed for a long time, but only since a short time they have gone international. On this day in the year 1923 the international police force was formed, now better known as Interpol.

Forming Interpol
1923 wasn’t the first attempt to create Interpol. The first was in Monaco in 1914. This failed since it was not performed by police professionals. The next attempt was in the year 1922 in New York which failed to gain traction. Finally, one year later, in Vienna, Interpol was formed. It started small, but it already has over 190 offices all around the world.

Interpol agents
Interpol is often seen in the movies and mostly Interpol is portrayed as a powerful organisation, having tons of agents all around the world. In ‘Mission Impossible 3’ Tom Cruise’s character was on Interpol’s most wanted list. In ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds reluctantly worked with Interpol to catch a war criminal. However, Hollywood is further from fact than fiction. Interpol has no agents. Interpol is the bridge between national police forces. One country can request another country to arrest a criminal, and Interpol will supervise all this.

360 trivial fact
Interpol hasn’t always been clean. In 2010 Interpol president Jack Selebi was convicted of taking bribes from drug traffickers.


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