Jacqueline Bouvier becomes Jackie Kennedy (1953)

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

1953 -

Today in 1953 Jacqueline Lee Bouvier legally became Misses John Kennedy. The two said ‘yes’ in Newport, Rhode Island and held a reception with over 1200 guests. Their wedding was considered the biggest social event of the season.

Not rich enough
The first time Jacqueline met John was in 1948, at the wedding of a mutual friend. In 1951 Jackie got engaged to John Husted, a young stockbroker. She was still engaged to him, the day she met John Kennedy the second time. Jackie’s mother advised to break up with John Husted. He wasn’t rich enough. He ‘only’ made $17000,- a year. In 1952 Jackie and John Kennedy met again and their romance blossomed.

A distant relationship
The Kennedys had four children, two of whom died in infancy. John suffered from Addison’s disease as well as from chronic back pain due to a war injury, resulting in a distant relationship. When John campaigned for re-election as a Senator and later ran for president, they appeared closer together. As America’s First Lady, Jackie would become very popular as a person and as a fashion icon. The two stuck together. Jackie was sitting next to her husband when he was assassinated. She died herself, aged 64 in 1994.

360 trivial fact
Jackie and John seemed to have a picture perfect marriage. John however had numerous affaires, before and during their marriage. Jackie probably coped with it because she enjoyed her role as First Lady and style icon.



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