Fighter for peace: Shimon Peres died (2016)

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

2016 -

Today is the day Shimon Peres, aged 93, died in 2016. He was of great importance to Israeli politics. He held about every possible position in Israeli politics from minister of defense to Prime Minister and President. In top leadership roles, Peres became respected as a peace-loving politician. ‘Peace is costly. Only thing is, war costs more’, he said in 2015.

Oslo Peace Accords
Shimon Peres was born as Szymon Perski, in Wiszniew, Poland, on august 2, 1923. He was already political active when he was a teenager and joined the youth movement Labor Zionist. He was on the side of Israel’s founding father David Ben Gurion when Israel became a Jewish state. Although he fought his wars, Shimon Peres is mostly known for his role in the peace talks. As the foreign minister of President Yitzhak Rabin he negotiated with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Rabin, Peres and Arafat concluded the Oslo Peace Accords. They were awarded a Nobel Price for it in 1994.

360 trivial fact
Shimon Peres may be renowned for his political skills, in his private life he was a poet and a songwriter. During cabinet he was writing stanza’s and he wrote many songs for peace. It was not obvious he would become a politician, as Peres once said: ‘I did not dream of becoming president of Israel. My dream as a boy was to be a shepherd or a poet of stars.’ Some of his songs have been recorded.


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