War between chicken and hamburger (1952)

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

1952 -

Fried chicken and fast food have never been the same since September 25,1952. Itís the day Harland Sanders, known as Colonel Sanders opened his first franchise restaurant in Salt Lake City: Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC popularized chicken in fast food and challenged the dominance of the hamburger.

7 year old cook
Sanders used to serve deep fried chicken to travellers passing North Corbin, Kentucky (of course). He owned a Shell filling station which he expanded with The Sanders Court & Cafť. The colonel learned to cook as a young boy. His father died at a young age, so his mother had to earn their living. Aged 7, Harlandís mum taught him how to cook.

No patent
The KFC original recipe was never patented, because patents expire. However, itís a trade secret, because that kind of secret can be kept forever. A safe in Louisville holds a copy of the recipe, signed by Sanders, along with eleven vials, containing the herbs and spices.
The companyís enormous success and rapid expansion overwhelmed Sanders. He sold KFC to a group of investors in 1964 for $2 million. Sanders is still KFCís mascot. In public he only appeared in his typical white suit with Western string tie. On his chin a goatee. When he died, September 9, 1980, Sanders was buried in his uniform.

360 trivial fact
To maintain the secrecy of KFCís recipe half of it is produced by Griffith Laboratories. The other half is added by McCormick.



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