We the people ... (1787)

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

1787 -

The first three words of the Constitution in the USA make its intention very clear. ‘We the people…’ makes it obvious that this is the citizens speaking; the nation. Yet it did take quite some time and trials to get these rights... right.

Rights and wrongs
The ‘Articles of Confederation' were the first attempt at a national constitution in the USA. The leading Continental Congress at that time did its best to keep the thirteen American states united. Eventually they managed a union after The American War of Independence. In peace, people started missing pieces and faults in the Articles and asked firmly for adjustments. The current rules were said to be ineffective and had too little influence to control the flourishing American states. With a newly acquired independence, the cry for a stronger constitution came to life.

So the Constitution came into being. Originally written on parchment, the paper consists out of seven articles, telling the Americans all about their rights. The Constitution was signed by 39 delegates from different places in the USA on September the 17th in 1787. It has since been expanded with twenty-seven amendments. This seems rather a lot for such a formal paper, but life in the 18th century tended to be quite different from life nowadays.

360 trivial fact
The copy of the Constitution that belonged to George Washington, first president of the US, was sold for almost ten million dollars in 2012, to the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association.



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